Conditions for classes for children in a music studio

Often parents ask the question:  “Is it possible for a child to participate in the studio’s musical projects and on what conditions?”

1. Everything is possible. All children under 14-15 years old are talented.
If it seems to us that we can do something interesting for a particular child, then we do it as far as possible at our own expense. Just send us some videos of the child singing.
If we are not ready to work with a child for free, this does not mean that he is not gifted enough. It’s just that our free time is not unlimited.

2. Can a child write “his” song? It is possible, the price is 500-1000 euros, includes recording and mixing of a song. We compose with the child. The term of work is 2-6 months, we work 2-3 times a month. Why so long? It’s easier to come up with everything for a child, but “your own” song should come from the child himself. Idea, style, words, manner – we discuss and search for everything. Sometimes it takes a long time.

3. Is it possible to record a cover of any famous song? You can, the price is 100-500 euros. It depends on whether we record a voice on an available backing track or make a new phonogram in a completely different style.

4. Is it possible to just sing in the studio with headphones into a microphone under the guidance of an experienced person? Yes. You can pick up something from previously written songs for your child and learn it for performances. But we do not prepare children for stage performances, this is the task of vocal teachers.

Special offer (for children’s vocal studios):

Cover + video

When children in the studio are recording with their vocal teacher, and the song has been worked out in advance, the result is always better, and it takes much less time to record. Therefore, in 1 hour it is usually possible to record, shoot and edit a studio video.



5. Is it possible to bring a child to the studio and leave it under our supervision for the duration of classes? No. The presence of the parent is required.

6. Is it possible to “embellish” a child’s singing? Can. The song should be pleasant to listen to. But we do not “paint on” fake singing and we don’t use programs like “Autotune”. If you want to sing cleanly – sing, at least 100 takes. Even  signing up for a personal vlog can be challenging . But everything is fair.

7. Is it possible to shoot a video for the song? Can. Prices from € 100 for studio recordings up to around € 5,000 for full clips. On average – 500 euros per day of shooting, plus the cost of props and additional equipment. Where are these videos published? This is usually decided by the parents. Sometimes the records are kept in the family archive, sometimes they are published.Some studio music videos >>

8. Is it possible to collectively record a song , for example, as a gift to teachers or friends? Yes, these are individual projects, usually they are not published on the Internet. Everything is discussed.

Why would a child need this if there are music clubs and choirs?

We do not teach the basics of singing, we do not teach musical literacy, there are schools and teachers for this. We help you find your own singing style. We help the child to come up with stories, compose, write words and music himself. Of course, it is possible to write music if you have a basic musical education, 3-4 grades of a music school. But you can start inventing without it.

A person who can write a song can achieve everything in life. You just have to not be afraid to invent and be able to think logically. Music gives these skills.

9. Do you work with adults? As an exception, yes. But the priority is for children.