Coming soon – this is a story that could not happen. But, probably, it will be repeated many more times. “The first version of the song was written in 2007. It remained unfinished. I returned to it in 2014, and again not successfully. 2022 gave me a reason to return to it for the third time. This time in collaboration with Yolika, Lika and Lera. Guitarist Rustam Ivanovich gave a new life and sound to the song. – says producer Juri Kivit. – It seemed that we could handle the recording in 2-3 weeks. In fact, it took almost 4 months to realize the initial concept. It seems that we succeeded.”

Will start now. How to tell about it without showing anything? We can’t stop it. But we don’t have to participate.

КОШКИ – Сейчас начнется…

The video uses a number of symbols. This is the location of the shooting, and the duration of the clip 4:04, and some details. The song of the band “КОШКИ” is about the routine of what is happening – well, war, so war… And it’s really scary.

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