We fly like this – a message from the CATS group and generation Z to adults. Work on the song began in 2021 and was completed in 2023.

“Cats” – teenage musical projects with a changeable composition of participants.

This project was attended by:

LIKA – Anzelika Terro, the oldest cat, participated in the very first video Кошки – Доверяешь (2018). The most responsible versatile artist of the studio.

L’era – Valeria Savchuk, the most productive and hardworking child in the studio.

ERIKA – Erika Lavskaya, energetic and cheerful, for the first time in Koshki and perfectly entered the project.

YOLIKA – Yolika Popel, a girl with a very romantic and unusual manner of singing, also participated in projects Кошки more than once.

For various reasons, we did not shoot a video for this song separately. But we decided to release it in the form of an animation with backstage shots.