The famous teen band “Cats” has released another music video with the song “Jeanette”. This time the Tallinn schoolgirls grew up at 30 and faced non-childish problems. Each soloist has an adult doppelganger. a’Lisa, growing up, became a harmful Jeanette, L’era – a glamorous lady with a beau, and Lika – a wise gypsy.

Finding lookalikes for girls was not an easy task, the girls are bright and each with their own character. Corrections have also been made and restrictions of recent months. Planned shootings with two line-ups of adult actors were repeatedly postponed, and only a third line-up of actors in between lodowns participated in this story.

All the band members worked on the music and text, and something had to be coordinated with their parents. Girls are also actively working on solo projects. Lika and a’Lisa released their author’s songs on Soundcloud last year. L’era (Valeria Savtsuk) is known for her daring music videos “The quarantine” and “The Glass Ceiling”, and this year will represent Estonia at the festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Belarus. This will continue the tradition of the group, because a’Lisa (Alisa Gaitsonok) already represented Estonia in Vitebsk in 2016, becoming the youngest participant of this international competition.

Filming of the video took place in the Tallinn restaurant “Odessa” with the participation of the famous photographer Olga Makina and her equally famous dog Jackie. According to the producer of the video Juri Kivit, “they made a multi-layered story in which youth naive dreams and storms of adulthood live in parallel. But at the same time in each, even the most harmful person, there is always a one warm corner. It’s just that sometimes something has to happen.”

What happened to the girls 30 years ahead, learn after watching the clip.