We treat different children’s contests a little more than skeptical. Usually it is a motivational distribution of prizes or Vanity Fair of parents and educators. But there are exceptions. “Voice. Children” is a show in which thousands of children dream to break through. The most gifted and Lucky pass selection, casting and pass on the blind auditions.
E.V.A. (Eva Soonpuu) coped, to get in Moscow in the number of 120 the best-it is cool and, to be honest, it is well deserved. Now our goal is to get into the team to the star.

In the studio VI Sound with Valery Paramyanov

And this time in the program was a visit to one of the best Moscow studios VI SOUND, where Eva met one of the idols-L’one

In VI Sound Studio with L’one

Meeting in Tallinn after the casting.

How it all began