Of course, if Eve, then the first story that comes to mind-Biblical. So the children’s story about the girl Eve and the serpent of the adversary was born. Together with Eva, not only the story was invented, but from the very beginning the song was written. This is not quite an ordinary song, and not quite an ordinary clip, the shooting of which lasted a week. It was hard, sometimes even very, but the child proved that he is not only able to sing, but also patiently withstood snakes, mosquitoes, cold and smoke. Not every adult has so much power. But the main thing is that the result we are satisfied and move on.

This video would not be without Louise-Sharlin, a schoolgirl who was in the role of a second director, as well as a decorator, stylist and MUAH. These girls are both just incredibly cool.

And so took place shooting clip E.V.A. -Poison > >