Cool, when you have friends, ready not only to participate in the adventure, but to say something that you do not want to hear. Cool, when friends, dragging you into a gamble, do not abandon, and support. Another video of our studio-about trust. Sometimes “I am an artist, I see so” does not roll and then the team works. A good team worked here. Light Staging-Louise Sharlin, sound producer-Boris Gorsky, cameraman-Valery Gajchonok.

Still great when there are friends with whom such songs are born-Alice Gaitsonok and Anzelika Terro. Girls in life very close friends and it was the starting point of history.

This is a clipped version of the clip. The uncensored version will be published when the girls grow up and decide for themselves.

It turned out that few people know how to dry wet matches in the forest. Now they know.

And so were shooting the clip “Trust” >>


Cats-trust, frame from video, Limon

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